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Defective on arrival (DOA) Procedure

1. Contact N-Partner TAC department and assist N-Partner TAC to debug remotely. Please tell us the serial number, version, host information, and what the problem is.

2. N-Partner TAC will consider whether the product needs to be sent back for maintenance. N-Partner TAC will write down the serial number, version, and host information in a repairing form.

3. If the product needs to be sent back for maintenance, please do intact packing to avoid any damage caused during shipping. N-Partner TAC will arrange home pickup.

4. After N-Partner TAC receives the maintenance product, we will record when opening the package to see if any damage is caused during shipping.

5. After maintenance, N-Partner TAC will record when packing the product, put the repairing form in, and send back to user; also, we will inform user about the shipping information.

6. After receiving the product and making sure it is functional, please sign the repairing form and fax it to N-Partner.